Europe’s New Training Initiative for Civilian Crisis Management (ENTRi)

is a unique capacity building programme that was initiated in early 2011. The main focus lies on the preparation and training of civilians that are either going to, or already working in, crisis management missions worldwide. Such missions include those of the European Union (EU), the United Nations (UN), the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), and the African Union (AU), as well as other international crisis management missions.


  • For an insight into one of our specialisation courses, check out this video of the Human Rights course held in July 2015 at the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna (SSSUP) in Pisa, Italy.


  • What makes ENTRi unique is its set-up and its methodology. This is...

  • ENTRi is guided by the principle of equal opportunity to attend trainings, regardless of financial capacity, and encourages transnational cooperation.

ENTRi Handbook "In Control" - 2nd edition

Are you getting ready for a crisis management mission or already working in the field? The new ENTRi handbook In Control: A Practical Guide for Civilian Experts Working in Crisis Management Missions offers hands-on information and practical advice for everyday life and work in the field as well as background information on crisis management structures in international organisations.

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