ENTRi Training Courses

61 pre-deployment and specialisation courses were organised by ENTRi between May 2011 and the end of 2014. In total, 1315 participants from all over the world benefited. Spaces in training courses are limited and participants are selected according to a clear set of criteria. The added value for course participants is that they will be selected from a large variety of institutions, nationalities, and backgrounds. Courses will be filled with a vibrant mix of individuals and include, next to civilians, police officers and some members of the armed forces. Unless otherwise specified, the working language of the courses will be English.

ENTRi courses are accessible to individuals either going to or already working in crisis management missions for organisations such as the European Union (CSDP missions), the United Nations (UN), the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), and the African Union (AU). The courses are funded by the European Commission, including costs for board and lodging. In the case of pre-deployment courses (with the exception of HEAT courses) international travel will also be covered.

ENTRi courses are not designed to replace any existing courses that governments and sending institutions organise to prepare individuals for possible deployment in crisis management operations. Instead, ENTRi has been created to foster the harmonisation of European and international approaches to capacity-building. The added value for training organisations is that ENTRi seeks to facilitate and strengthen the opportunities for institutions to implement training together as well as to share experiences, trainers, and expertise.


The increasing number of training institutions and training courses within the European Union aimed at preparing the civilian component of crisis management operations necessitates a special effort to guarantee more harmonised approaches to training. For this reason a special certification procedure is part of ENTRi. In the past, 14 core and specialisation courses have been certified and given the C3MC label established by the European Group on Training (EGT).

The aim of the ENTRi project is to continue the certification of courses by using and updating the C3MC standards developed in the past. ENTRi now focuses on certifying and renewing the certification of at least 14 existing and 4 new courses.


Information on the February 2012 conference entitled ‘Ensuring Training Effectiveness: Challenges and Opportunities in the Field’ can be found here.