Rule of Law

This is a five day specialised training course on Rule of Law. This course is meant to offer a comprehensive overview of the rule of law aspects of civilian crisis management missions and to deepen the participants understanding of such matters and their importance in the context of war torn societies.  

The course lectures will shed light on the different challenges associated with rule of law in societies affected by violent conflict, such as predictability of the law and equality before the law, reform of judicial institutions, the fight against impunity and corruption, and human rights. Each lecture is intended to clarify a particular aspect of this field while acknowledging the practical interaction between them.   

Prospective participants must have already completed a core course in civilian crisis management. The Rule of Law course is designed to build on the already existing theoretical background acquired in core courses and to offer the necessary skill sets needed to perform tasks usually involved in rule of law missions.

Implementing Partners

Lead implementing body: Ecole Nationale d'Administration (ENA), France

Other implementing bodies: Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA-RO), Romania

Date and Location

NEW DATE & LOCATION: 10 - 13 October, Paris, France



last Update: 19 July 2011