Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can request a Certification?

    The application for Courses certification/C3MC-label is open to Course Organisers both from within and outside the framework and operating in EU Member States, EFTA states, candidate countries and third countries.
    Only Course Organisers which have legal personality pursuant to the legislation of their country of origin may apply for certification/C3MC-label.
    Private companies are not eligible as applicants and requests for certifications of their courses will therefore not be considered or processed.

  • What can I certify: a specific Training Course or my Training Center/Institution?

    Only Training Courses which are compatible with the minimum standards described in ENTRI Course Concepts and programmes can be certified. ENTRI does not certify Centers/Institutions as such.

  • What does certification mean?

    Through the Certification process, ENTRI formally ascertains that the Course having been certified corresponds to the minimum standards as agreed by the members of the ENTRi consortium (i.e. all the learning objectives considered by ENTRI as essential will be achieved). The certification process is a tool through which ENTRi aims at ensuring harmonisation of training standards among training providers working on civilian crisis management training.

  • Why should I certify a training course?

    The Certification of a Course allows to use the “C3MC” label, that is the ENTRI Certification Logo, which proves that the Course is coherent with the minimum standards requested by ENTRI. This allows the EU, other International Organisations (such as the UN, OSCE…) to immediately depict the level of knowledge and skills acquired by the participant and therefore to know if the candidate possesses the requested requisites to serve in a given position. On the other hand, participants in a training Course may prefer to attend a Certified Training Course so as to satisfy the requirements of recruiting institutions.

  • What is the added value and potentials of the ENTRi certification process?

    The Certification of a course allows using the “C3MC” label, the ENTRI Certification Logo, which proves that the Course is coherent with the minimum standards requested by ENTRI/EU.

    By getting your courses certified by ENTRi:

    • The EU and other relevant International Organisations (such as the UN, OSCE...) can immediately depict the level of knowledge and skills acquired by participants to your courses and therefore know if the candidate attended a Course which was aimed at increasing the requested requisites (in terms of skills and knowledge) to serve in a given position;
    • You will benefit of a comparative advantage: your courses will be more appealing to potential trainees; you will benefit of the work carried out within ENTRi to harmonize the training Courses and of the training material prepared free of charge by ENTRI;
    • Potential trainees may prefer to attend your course as it is an ENTRI Certified Training course so as to satisfy the requirements of recruiting institutions.
      • The ENTRi certification mechanism covers a variegated spectrum of training courses (core/specialization) corresponding to curricula that have been already designed, tested and validated within the ENTRI framework and covering many relevant aspects of civilian crisis management (see list of courses).

        As a comparison, the official recognition system in place within the United Nations only allows for the certification by DPKO/DFS of UN Police Pre Deployment Training (PDT) courses conducted by Member States or associated PK training institutions (mainly military and police training centres).

  • Which Training Courses can be certified?

    In order to be admitted for certification/C3MC-label, a training Course must correspond to training Courses that have been already designed, tested and validated within the ENTRI framework. The list of training certifiable Courses is available on the ENTRI website:

    Developed Courses
    At present the following Courses can be certified:
    • Core Course
    • Pre-Deployment Course
    • Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT)
    • Specialisation Course - Human Rights
    • Specialisation Course - Media Development
    • Specialisation Course - New Media
    • Specialisation Course - Child Protection, Monitoring and Rehabilitation
    • Specialisation Course - Civilian Administration
    • Specialisation Course - Mission Management, Administration and Support
    • Specialisation Course - Press and Public Information
    • Specialisation Course - Leadership & Gender
    • Specialisation Course - Conflict Analysis and Conflict Sensitivity
    • Specialisation Course - Mentoring in Civilian Crisis Management
    • Specialisation Course - Rule of Law (in the process of certification)
    • Specialisation Course - Civil-Military Coordination (in the process of certification)

    ENTRI is working on additional Course Concepts and programs. As soon as they will be formally approved, they will be uploaded on the website.

  • Can I certify several courses having different purposes?

    No, Courses which are not on the ENTRI list cannot be certified. However, be aware that ENTRI is further developing the list of Courses to be certified. Please visit on a regular basis the ENTRI Website for updates in this regard.

  • Can courses not on ENTRi list be certified?

    No, unfortunately only courses that are on the ENTRi list of courses available for certification can be certified. In any case, please be aware that ENTRi is further developing the list of courses to be certified. Please visit the ENTRi website on a regular basis for updates in this regard.

  • What should I do to apply for the certification of one or more courses?

    For each Course to be certified the interested Center/Institution should fill in a separate Application Form and attach the relevant documentation. All the documents can be found at:

  • Who will examine the certification request and which procedure will be followed to process it?

    The Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, a Public University located in Pisa, Italy, will examine and process the request for Certification, on behalf of ENTRI. The application will be screened based on the criteria and procedures spelled out in the Rules of Procedures Governing Certification (Download for the Rules of Procedures Governing Certification). The assessment of each application together with a certification proposal will further be validated and decided upon by the ENTRi Working Group on Certification.

  • How long will it take to get the certificate?

    The period between the moment of the request of Certification is received and the moment ENTRI Certification is issued lasts about 45 days. This time frame is normally the rule in those cases in which the Certification request does not present any major problem. In problematic cases - for instance documentation missing, course curricula not clearly displaying learning objectives etc - the time period for issuing the Certificate might be longer.

  • How long is the ENTRi certification valid?

    Certification is valid for three years. Once the certification period has expired, course organisers may re-apply for certification through a simplified application procedure (Download for the Simplified Application Form for Renewal of Certification of Courses).

    If substantial changes are being made to courses, which have been granted the certification, course organizers are obliged to inform ENTRi. This will involve completion of a new application form for the renewal of certification, detailing the changes that have occurred (structure, format, deliverers, major Course content changes).

  • Is the on-site visit compulsory?

    At present, on-site visits are not compulsory but at the discretion of the certifying body. The on-site visits can be conducted ex ante and/or during the delivery of the Course, within 4 weeks since the completion of the preliminary review phase. They are aimed at verifying the data submitted by the Course Organiser in its application, seek additional information and determine adherence to agreed standards and criteria.

  • I have not received a decision about my application for a course. When will I find out?

    ENTRI, through its certifying body, will notify the applicant Course Organiser as to the results of the certification procedure – usually within 50 days from reception of the application form.

    Where Course certification is granted the Course Organiser will receive a certification document from the ENTRI. The release of the certification document is subject to the conclusion of a Memorandum of Understanding between the applicant and ENTRI, covering the terms of use of the C3MC-label. (Download for the Memorandum of Understanding).

  • Do I have to pay a fee?

    No, at present, and at least for 2018 no fee will be charged for the examination of the application for Certification and the issue of the Certificate.

  • What is the relation between the United Nations training recognition system and the ENTRi certification process?

    These are two different certification processes. The UN training recognition of courses does not imply that courses are also recognised under the ENTRi regime and viceversa.

  • Where can I find the course concepts and Programmes?

    All the course concepts, programmes and draft agendas can be found at the following web page: