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ENTRi courses are accessible to individuals either going to or already working in crisis management missions for organizations such as the European Union (CSDP missions), the United Nations (UN), the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), and the African Union (AU). The courses are funded by the European Commission, including costs for board and lodging. In the case of pre-deployment courses (with the exception of HEAT courses), international travel will also be covered.

ENTRi courses are not designed to replace any existing courses that governments and sending institutions organise to prepare individuals for possible deployment in crisis management operations. Instead, ENTRi has been created to foster the harmonisation of European and international approaches to capacity-building. The added value for training organisations is that ENTRi seeks to facilitate and strengthen the opportunities for institutions to implement training together as well as to share experiences, trainers, and expertise.

Training of Trainers

20-24 January, 2019
Entebbe, Uganda
Application deadline is Sunday 7th of October, 2018

Successful crisis management, stabilisation and peace support missions rely on the availability of well-prepared experts who can transfer their knowledge and skills to their colleagues and counterparts, who in turn depend on high quality training activities designed for specific purpose. This course recognises that training is critical to the achievement of successful operational outcomes.

The key objective of this course is to build in-mission capacities for training purposes, to enhance the ability of missions to adapt to the steadily changing capacity-building requirements of international peace operations and to strengthen in-mission capability to deliver high quality training.

This course aims to strengthen the training competencies of international and national personnel of peace operations missions in designing and delivering training courses in order to build local capacities for peace.

Target audience

• Personnel working in crisis management or peace operations (EU, AU, UN, OSCE or other), who conduct training and coaching sessions as subject matter experts or trainers.

• Professionals (tied to institutions or free-lance) involved in designing and planning training programmes for individuals working or planning to engage in crisis management missions and peace operations

• Experts from NGOs are welcome to apply. The organizers also welcome applications from national mission staff.

Implementing Partners

The course is organised by Centre for International Peace Operations (ZIF), Berlin, Germany ( in cooperation with the Crisis Management Centre (CMC Finland), (

Participation Fee

All candidates have to cover their own travel expenses. There is no participation fee. Full board accommodation (in single rooms) will be provided free of charge to civilian participants. Course participants from the military are required to cover all costs, accommodation, board and travel.

Additional course information

Learning outcomes

After completion of the ENTRi ToT, participants should be able to:

  • 1Describe and know how learning theories can be applied to design high-impact training sessions in the context of peace operations,;
  • 2Reflect on own training and communication style as well as own role as a trainer;
  • 3Design a (gender mainstreamed and conflict sensitive) training matching training needs and target audience;
  • 4Facilitate a range of participatory training activities and presentations relevant to their area of expertise and working context;
  • 6Choosing and using appropriate methods of evaluation;
Final date for applications is Sunday 7th of October, 2018 The selection of participants will be done by the ENTRi Secretariat.

Specialization Course

International Standards for the Protection of Individuals and Groups: A training Course for Field Officers Working on Human Rights

24 January- 1 February 2019
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Final date for applications is Sunday 28th of October.

The 8-day intensive "International Standards for the Protection of Individuals and Groups:

A Training Course for Field Officers Working on Human Rights"

Course is designed to:

  • Deepen and refresh the participants’ knowledge of International Human Rights Law and of other bodies of International Law aimed at the protection of individuals and groups (International Humanitarian Law, International Criminal Justice, Refugee Law, international standards pertaining to the protection of IDPs, etc.);
  • Familiarize participants with the institutional aspects related to the establishment and the functioning of Human Rights Field Operations, with particular reference to those organized by the UN and by the EU;
  • Transfer the skills needed to perform the main tasks usually assigned to Human Rights Field Officers (Monitoring, Fact Finding, Reporting, Capacity Building, etc.).

Prospective participants must already have basic knowledge of international human rights law and preferably of international humanitarian law and refugee law. Please note that this course is taught in English.

Implementing Partners

The course is organised by Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, in cooperation with College of Law and Governance Studies, University of Addis Ababa and Centre for European Perspective.

Additional course information

Candidates are considered who:

  • Can demonstrate a professional link to the topic of the course;
  • Have been selected to / contracted for an international crisis management mission;
  • Have a very good command of the English language (or other(s) as appropriate).

In the selection process, ENTRi ensures that an appropriate gender and nationality balance is reflected in the pool of selected participants. Due consideration is also given to ensure participation of national mission staff, and candidates nominated by EU Member States and other seconding nations.

The courses are co-funded by the European Commission and the ENTRi partners. The following costs are covered by the project:

Full board and lodging.

While ENTRi courses are primarily geared toward civilian personnel working in international crisis management missions, police and military candidates are welcome to apply. Please note that course participants from the military are required to cover their own expenses during the course, including accomodation, board, and travel costs.

Final date for applications is Sunday 28th of October.
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